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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 30, 2014 1:00pm-1:11pm JST

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>> hopes for more good travels in japan. don't forget to visit the "meet and speak" website for additional content. you're watching nhk world "newsline," i'm kanako sachno. the ebola outbreak have crossed another border. the government in senegal have confirmed their first case. the patient is a male student who traveled from the capital of guinea. officials there had warned senegalese authorities they lost track of a student who was likely infected. they said he disappeared three weeks ago and may have entered senegal.
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senegalese officials found him in a hospital inside their capital. the student had not told hospital workers he might be affected. senegalese health care workers are trying to contact those who might be in contact with him. a report of over 3,000 confirmed or suspected ebola cases in guinea, liberia, sierra leone, and nigeria. neighboring countries are on high alert. senegal closed its border with guinea last week. britain has raised its terrorism threat level. leaders suspect the rise of the islamic state group in iraq and syria has made an attack in the uk more likely. >> earlier today, the home secretary confirmed that the joint terrorism analysis center has increased the threat level in the united kingdom from substantial to severe. >> the new alert level is the second highest of five levels. cameron said the islamic state group's ambition threatens the security of the uk.
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he said authorities believe at least 500 british people have gone to fight in syria and iraq. officials are concerned those militants could get involved in terrorism after returning home. cameron said authorities need to take tough measures, such as preventing these people from traveling abroad, as well as returning to britain. government leaders say there's no evidence an attack is imminent. still, police have stepped up their patrols in london. the united states has expanded sanctions on iran in its latest attempt to target the country's nuclear and missile development. washington is upping the pressure on iran ahead of nuclear program talks next month. the u.s. treasury and state departments announced the sanctions on friday. they will be imposed on about 30 countries and individuals inside and outside iran. u.s. officials say the targets include an iranian bank that helped deliver $13 million in bank notes from moscow to
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tehran. the money was used to support the central bank of iran and other financial institutions. they say one of the sanctioned companies procured centrifuge components. the prescribed companies and individuals are now banned from dealing with u.s. companies, and their assets in the united states are frozen. iran, the u.s., and five other countries are scheduled to resume talks on iran's nuclear program next month. they hope to reach a final deal by late november, but the negotiators remain far apart on core issues, including the scale of iran's uranium enrichment. a senior u.s. official said the only way to have the sanctions eased is through nuclear negotiations. russia and the west have traded blame over a reported incursion into eastern ukraine by the russian military. the war of words comes amid continued fighting in eastern ukraine between government forces and russian separatists.
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the u.s. and europe are warning of further sanctions against moscow. they say russian troops backing separatists crossed the border. >> well, the evidence that has been presented by nato is compelling, and it does indicate that russia is continuing to do the kinds of things using their military mite to further destabilize the situation in ukraine. >> earnest said the international community could not turn a blind eye to the latest intervention. he said obama and other nato leaders will discuss further sanctions at a summit next week. european commission president talked with russian president putin in a phone call on friday. he urged putin to reverse his current path. but putin said his country will not succumb to pressure from the west. in talks with young people outside moscow on friday, putin said western governments are using military power to pressure countries that do not agree with their policies. putin said regardless of these
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threats, russia will increase its nuclear capabilities while growing its economy. the leadest of the separatists say they won't negotiate with the ukrainian government and will keep fighting for autonomy. they spoke to the media in the crimea city of alta. >> translator: our goal is to beat the poroshenko administration. >> the separatists can't negotiate with president poroshenko. he admitted russian soldiers are joining them. he said they are all volunteers. the separatists are pushing back against a government offensive. they took control of a town near the border with russia on thursday and they besieged a city on friday. members of a united nations committee are trying to tackle ethnic discrimination in japan.
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they are urging the government to ban hate speech against koreans. the u.n. committee on the elimination of racial discrimination took its first look at japan in four years. members say they are concerned about the spread of hate speech against korean residents on the internet and in public speeches. they are criticizing japanese authorities for not properly investigating and prosecuting people who fuel ethnic hatred. >> you need a comprehensive law on racial discrimination. that is why -- that is the most important thing. >> a u.n. panel on basic human rights urged japan to ban hate speech last month. a group of japanese businesspeople and government officials has visited ethiopia to explore opportunities in the east african country. the 50-strong delegation includes representatives of trading companies and manufacturers. about 90 million live in
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ethiopia. its economy has grown by an average of about 10% annually for the last five years. those figures have warranted a lot of attention. africa is also described as the global economy's last frontier. the japanese delegation visited a turkish-owned apparel factory. they praised the high education level of the mostly young workers. the group also visited an industrial complex being built by the ethiopian government, and they were briefed on tax breaks for foreign companies. ethiopian prime minister told the delegates he had high hopes for investment from japan. >> translator: we will bring in the best part of japanese companies to ethiopia and contribute to the country's development. we will do that by cooperating with the people here. >> prime minister shinzo abe
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visited ooep yoep ya in january as part of efforts to strengthen ties. peach and pear growers in the japanese prefecture of fukushima are celebrating a breakthrough. they suffered restrictions on their exports after the nuclear accident in 2011. now they are shipping to indonesia for the first time ever. japanese farm officials offered samples at high end supermarkets. customers had a taste. one bought peaches that cost more than $13 each. >> translator: it's delicious. very fresh and sweet. i've eaten fruit from fukushima abroad, and i'm not worried about its safety. >> fruit farmers in fukushima have been hit hard by import restrictions in hong kong and
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taiwan. they have high hopes for sales in indonesia because the economy there is growing. now here's your three-day world weather forecast. that wraps up this edition of "newsline," we'll be back
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with more news at the top of the hour. i'm kanako sachno in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us. welcome to viewers choice. today we bring you an encore of "real samurai." here is a message from a viewer in poland. i happen to watch this with my 11-year-old son who has studied for a number of years. we both found it contained interesting information and i found it gave a good win doe into japanese thinking. thank you so much for your feedback, and here's the show.


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